We have developed a novel (patent pending) electric field measurement technology called Electric Field Encephalography (EFEG) for brain signal monitoring. NeuroFieldz technology is comprised of a system of high density array of sensors for measuring and analyzing the electric fields generated by the brain arising from intrinsic activity or external stimuli. The EFEG brain monitoring technique is a new modality that has several advantages over the current modalities, electroencephalography EEG (which measures the electric potential on the scalp) and magnetoencephalography MEG (which measures the magnetic field). Compared with MEG, EFEG has higher spatial resolution, is unaffected by stray magnetic fields, and does not require expensive bulky cryogenic equipment, thus making it field-deployable. Compared with EEG, EFEGTM is reference-less, has higher spatial resolution, leads to increased number of uncorrelated signals, and improves source reconstruction precision.  EFEG also provides dynamical information on millisecond time scales which is much faster than fMRI. The accurate source localization provided by EFEG will be of immense benefit in analyzing and localizing neurological signals (e.g. epileptic), as well as understanding the brains response to external stimuli

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