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Gultepe, E; Nagesha, D; McNulty, J; Sridhar, S

Nano-assembly and Controlled Release Kinetics of Nanoelements from Nanoporous Templates Inproceedings

In: APS Meeting Abstracts, 2008.

Abstract | Tags: Nanomaterials

Gultepe, Evin; Nagesha, Dattatri; Menon, Latika; Busnaina, Ahmed; Sridhar, Srinivas

High-throughput assembly of nanoelements in nanoporous alumina templates Journal Article

In: Applied Physics Letters, vol. 90, no. 16, pp. 163119, 2007.

Abstract | Tags: Nanomaterials

Wu, Zhen; Tian, L; Richter, C; Nagesha, D; Sridhar, S; Menon, L

Nanofabrication Based on Nanoporous Membranes Inproceedings

In: APS Meeting Abstracts, 2006.

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Coral-Gomez, C; Sridhar, S; Friedman, A; Menon, L

Negative Refraction in Gold-Dielectric Nanocomposite Arrays Journal Article

In: 0000.

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