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Versek, Craig William; Banijamali, Mohammad Ali S; Bex, Peter J; Lashkari, Kameran; Kamarthi, Sagar V; Sridhar, Srinivas

Portable Objective Diagnostics using Visual Evoked Potentials for Age-related Macular Degeneration Journal Article

In: medRxiv, 2020.

Abstract | Tags: Neurotechnology, Opthalmology

Sridhar, Srinivas; Versek, Craig; Bex, Peter

Portable brain and vision diagnostic and therapeutic system Miscellaneous

2019, (US Patent App. 16/347,049).

Abstract | Tags: Neurotechnology, Opthalmology

Versek, C; Frasca, T; Zhou, J; Chowdhury, K; Sridhar, S

Electric field encephalography for brain activity monitoring Journal Article

In: Journal of neural engineering, vol. 15, no. 4, pp. 046027, 2018.

Abstract | Tags: Nanomedicine, Opthalmology