QUTE-CE MRI is a breakthrough in Quantitative MRI.

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D.Plouffea, Brian; K.Nagesha, Dattatri; S.DiPietro, Robert; Sridhar, Srinvas; Heimand, Don; K.Murthya, Shashi; H.Lewisa, Lewis
Thermomagnetic determination of Fe3O4 magnetic nanoparticle diameters for biomedical applications Journal Article

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Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 323 (17), pp. 2310-2317, 2011.
Makrigiorgos, Robert Cormack; Paul Nguyen; Anthony D'Amico; Sri Sridhar; Mike A L V
Optimal drug release schedule for in-situ radiosensitization of image guided permanent prostate implants Journal Article

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Proceedings Volume 7964, Medical Imaging 2011: Visualization, Image-Guided Procedures, and Modeling, 7964 (2011), 2011.